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N6184 Christberg Rd. Johnson Creek, WI 53038
Office: 920-699-AONE Fax: 920-699-5277
Serving Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas
All Type of Poured Walls and Flatwork
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A-1 Concrete has been serving the construction industry in the areas of poured walls and flatwork since 1996. We have a broad range of abilities meeting the needs of our commercial, industrial, agricultural, civic and residential customers. Our past projects show our quality and our relationships with our customers and contractors prove our dependability and integrity.
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To make a profit is why a person starts a business, but to make a profit at
the expense of your reputation is not a profit at all.
Our main geographical base is in South-eastern Wisconsin, however, we are set up for travel and have, for larger projects, traveled through out Wisconsin and out of state.
Poured Walls: 12 in. all the way up to 32 ft. tall 
                         straight, angled and round walls
 Flatwork: All types, from airplane hangers to sidewalks
We provide all types of poured concrete:
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